Danielle (aussiemozzie) wrote in jndsg,


quasar_dilema suggested I start up a community for all of us who are grieving the loss of our beloved Admiral James Norrington.

You are welcome to post your feelings on his death, your hopes for his resurrection, or anything else that relates to our darling deceased Norry.

But mostly, I hope we can all support each other as we mourn the loss of Norry.

Take a seat and make yourself at home!
Tags: welcome
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Deleted comment

I give you permission to advertise it on any community you want to. :D

Deleted comment

Yay! Thank you! :D
the writers suck, 'nuff said.
James Norrington will always be a fine, dashing, respectable, honorable and kind man who will be deeply missed. I hope they resurrect him if they make a fifth Pirates movie!! I love you, James!
Amen, sister!